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Ravensthorpe, Western Australia

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Ravensthorpe is an historic gold mining town located approximately 550 kms south east of Perth, 290 Kms East of Albany and 187 kms west of Esperance, Western Australia.


The Ravensthorpe Ranges

Ravensthorpe RangeThe town site is encircled by 45 kilometres of ancient low lying hills known as the Ravensthorpe Range.

The ranges are covered by stately Salmon Gum trees, wildflowers, pristine bushland, mining history and offers great views of the ocean and the surrounding area.


Fitzgerald River National Park

The Fitzgerald River National Park makes up half of the Shire of Ravensthorpe, extending along the coastline between Hopetoun and Bremer Bay.

The Fitzgerald River National Park Biosphere Reserve offers a rich and diverse wildflower display. The wildflowers are most spectacular from August to November, when visitors from around the world flock to see them. Every year, the Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show is held during the first two weeks of September.

Learn more about the Fitzgerald River National Park.


Scenic Drives and Walks

Hamersley Drive - 170Km
A spectacular circular route that makes its way through Fitzgerald River National Park; Quoin Head (4WD), Sepucralis Hill, Moir track (4WD), Hammersley Inlet (4WD), Cave Point, Mylies Beach, East Mt Barren, Barrens Beach.

Ethel Daw Scenic Drive - 30Km
This trail south of Ravensthorpe offers a 360 degree panoramic view of Fitzgerald River National Park, mountains, sea, Ravensthorpe, wildflowers.

Mt. Madden Scenic Drive -160Km
A circular route which takes in the local scenery and the views atop Mount Madden; Pallarup Rocks, picnic spot, big granite rock, panoramic views, wildflowers, climbing.

Mt Short Scenic Drive -40Km
This scenic tour to the highest point in the Ravensthorpe Range, Mt Short (453m); picnicking, wildflowers, old gold mining, climbing Mt Short.

Wave Rock (Hyden)-193Km
A drive north of Ravensthorpe to granite rock formation; wildflowers along the way.

Archer Drive Lookout -20Km
Wildflower display, sweeping farmland views, and view of the Ravensthorpe Range.

Hopetoun-Ravensthorpe Railway Heritage Walk
Take a leisurely 3-4 hour walk along this old rail route. Fauna, Flora and historic plaques along the way. Learn more about Hopetoun-Ravensthorpe Railway Heritage Walk.

Hopetoun - 49Km
The eastern gateway to the Fitzgerald River National Park, 49kms south of Ravensthorpe. Hopetoun is a small coastal town famous for its pristine white sandy beaches, fantastic scenery and wildflowers.

Southern Right Whales and Humpback Whales can be viewed migrating with their calves in the winter months from East Mt Barren lookout.


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